Winter Holidays Series

$8M GTD. $200K Leaderboard. Two Championships. Dec 22 - Jan 5.

The first ever holiday series, Winter Holidays Series, is here with $200K Leaderboard!

Buy-ins across all ranges, starting from just $2 to $5K.

Come and join the holiday season fun!

Series Leaderboard

The Winter Holidays Series comes along with a $200,000 leaderboard. Earn points by playing in Winter Holidays Series events, and claim your prize.

Leaderboard Point = f * sqrt(Prize pool / k)

  • k is the place of finish

  • f=2.0 (1st place)

  • f=1.5 (Final table)

  • f=1.0 (In the money)

  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

Full Tournament Schedule


Countless satellites will be available throughout the holidays.

Make sure to check them out in the tournament lobby.